Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lola Dutronic's Album "Lost In Translation" Reviewed

I've liked Lola Dutronic for a while, their sound is beautiful and endearing and i'm delighted to be given the opportunity to review their album "Lost In Translation".

They are a duo, Richard Citroen from the UK, now based in Toronto in Canada, who does the music and Stephanie B the vocalist from Dusseldorf in Germany.

"Modern Suicide" is a wonderful opening track with a great sing-a-long section in the last 3rd of the song. Musically it sets the tone for the album. "Reality TV" has a harder edge to it and is followed by "I Believe" which shows off Stephanie's angel like vocal qualities, a great track with a brilliant chorus. Next a song about heartbreak, the brilliantly titled "Go Fuck Yourself", how they have managed to compose such a superb mid tempo track with this title I will never know, it is an outstanding track with well though out lyrics.

This band have a great knack of getting a lot out of so little, simple melodies dominate another killer track in the shape of "Trying Not To Think About You". "Harley Davidson" has a haunting feel to it with Stephanie singing in French, quite a dark sounding track."I Wanna Mmmm You" is a pleasant mid tempo track, which is followed by "Bulletproof Celebrity" (Great title!) a bass driven track, it's another track that edges to the darker side musically. the upbeat "There Goes My Heart Again" is a great slice of electro pop, a dreamy chorus line which draws you in, a track that shows how well these two compliment each other.

"The End Of the World", what a stunning and heart felt rendition of the song made famous by The Carpenters, they have taken the song to another level with this version...outstanding, this will blow you away! "Keep On Dancing" is a four to the floor electronic dance track which is followed by the bands festive number "The Christmas Disco", if you haven't heard this before you are in for a treat! Listen to the lyrics they are very clever, a brilliant Christmas track.

"Happy Endings" is another excellent track that has a chorus you just want to sing a long too.
The album closes with a reprise of the opening track "Modern Suicide" with a great section of lyrics that thanks you for listening ............No thank you for giving me the pleasure of hearing this outstanding piece of work!

I have to say I wasn't expecting this to be such a fantastic album, but it is, from start to finish the
songs have quality and depth.

An album you should invest in 10/10

The album is available from the Lola Dutronic Bandcamp page, where you can also listen to the album in full!

The band also have a Facebook page.

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