Tuesday, 20 June 2017

New Tactile Frequency Album Reviewed

Tactile Frequency are from Sweden and have just released their new album "Lost And Found". After several listens here's what we think of the album.

"Crisis Plan" is very much edm with a powerful bassline that dominates the track, a dark introduction to the album. "With You" definitely has a more "Synthpop" feel to it, upbeat with some wonderful synth lines which provide the perfect backdrop to a well delivered vocal, an early entry for best track on the album. "I Know" has a brilliant loud snare intro with piano and synth sawstrings providing the backdrop to an impressive track. I have to say the use of piano on this song adds atmosphere to the track. "Watch Them Drown" is a moody mid tempo track with a very "Visage-Damned Don't Cry" like Sequencer driving the track following that we have "Waiting For You" which is more uplifting, quite similar in sound to the work of Elegant Machinery, I love the synths in this track and the vocals are strong and confident, a sprinkling of piano can also be heard on this track, which again works well, one of my favourite tracks on the album. Keeping things upbeat "Shameless" has a four to the floor dance beat and has excellent bass and synth sounds. A very melodic track with some neat synth parts.

"We Were Broken" is a wonderful synth ballad, with power and energy as well as, brilliant use of piano, over the synth parts, the heartfelt vocals are excellent, a superb track and another candidate for best track on the album. The melodic and upbeat "The World Was Ours" is another fantastic track, a mixture of mood and energy, it builds up really well and develops into a well executed song.

Another Elegant Machinery inspired track is "In To The Darkness", I like the haunting feel of this track, following that we have "Play Me" which is a sequencer laden synthpop track, nice melodies against a dance beat, think Yazoo'Vince Clarke! superb vocals again on this track too, another track I really do like. The piano led "Who Are You" grabs your attention from start to finish, a very moving dark synth ballad with passionate vocals, one word.....superb!!

The album closes with the track "Lost Summer", which encapsulates all before it.

This really is an impressive album, with plenty of highlights and well worth your attention.


The album is available to listen to and buy via Bandcamp:


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We will be playing tracks from the album on this months i-Select Show, out on the 26th June.


  1. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful review. Little did we know last year when the first sparks of Tactile Frequency were being lit that we a in less than a year would be featured on this channel with such superlative words. Once again, a heartfelt thank you. This means alot to us //Tactile Frequency

  2. My pleasure to do the review, glad you enjoyed reading it.