Monday, 13 April 2015

Metroland Album "Triadic Ballet" Review

Metroland release their second album "Triadic Ballet" this week and White Lion Radio have been lucky enough to receive a promotional copy in advance of it's release and present our review of this masterpiece.

It goes without saying there will be comparisons to Kraftwerk but, Metroland have developed and taken forward their sound with this album. After the extremely well received debut "Mind The Gap" fans were eager to hear what they would come up with as a concept for the second album. No one would have guessed that the concept would centre around the Bauhaus movement. A very challenging idea to say the least!

The opening section is a 3 part soundscape, Unity, Variety and Hierarchy, part 1 is a warm sounding sequencer driven track, part 2 adds a bigger sound and vocal parts to the sequencer melody of the first section, part 3 adds a harder edge to the trilogy with a throbbing bass-line. "3 Directors" is very upbeat and again they excell with there sequencer sections, something Metroland are very good at creating. "Ikone Der Moderne" continues the more upbeat nature of the album and could possibly be a single, the rythm section is outstanding on this track. "Zeppelin" needs no introductioon, chosen as the first single it is an outstanding track with an instrant melody line you will keep humming. "Machines Gone Mad" is another possible candidate for a single, superb full sounding track with great vocal sections. The title track "Triadic Ballet" sounds quite a haunting and sinister track with it's choir stabs. "Art & Technology" is also quite a dark sounding track but is brilliantly constructed. More exceptional Sequencer parts are evident on "Struktur", probably the most Kraftwerk sounding track on the album. The intro on "Les Trois Couleurs" instantly reminded me of Jean Michel Jarre, another possible influence for this duo. Dare I say it, another superb example of constructing effective and catchy sequencer parts can be found on "The Manifesto", one of the best tracks on the album. Next we come to the closing track "Utopia", what can I say, absolutely stunning track with plenty of beauty and character with a hint of an OMD influence with it's choirs and gentle sequencer. This is as good as electronic music gets, eclipses anything I have heard before, the most impressive electrinic ballad I have ever heard and it is pure enjoyment for the whole 8 minutes of the track. Listen to this track with headphones with the lights turned off.

Equally important to the music is the artwork for the project, many hours have gone into the artwork and promotional material for the album, it's very clear to see Metroland mean business and wanted to put out a quality product and they have succeeded beyond expectations. They have provided almost 3 hours of music across 3CDs, which includes 2 Remix CDs and it is a breathtaking collection of material, to showcase the concept, which in itself wasn't an easy choice but my word they have succeeded.

Their music is charming and full of character and you really do feel with this album you are on an electronic journey and what an experience it is.

10/10 Flawless

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