Friday, 16 March 2018

Day 16 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 16.....

Erasure - Victim Of Love (Extended Mix)

I have followed the career of Vince Clarke since his early days in Depeche Mode and bought pretty much every record he has put out, including the criminally ignored Erasure debut album “Wonderland”, which I think is miles better than their breakthrough album “The Circus”. Of course “The Circus” does have a few top class tracks, the singles “Sometimes” and “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That” as well as “Hideaway” but the best track in my opinion is “Victime Of Love”, Vince manages to make the acoustic guitar sound perfect alongside the more electronic sounds and drums on the record.

The 12 Inch vinyl is an essential part of my vinyl collection, the extended Mix has a running time of 7 minutes and is a blast of pure pop, on the flip side of the 12 inch is the track “The Soldier's Return (The Return Of The Radical Radcliffe Mix)” and a Dub version of “Victim Of Love”.

Erasure have always made such exceptional 12 inch versions of their singles, it’s about time they put out a proper compilation of them.

The single was released in May 1987 and reached number 7 in the UK Singles Chart.


A1 Victim Of Love (Extended Mix) 6:59
B1 The Soldier's Return (The Return Of The Radical Radcliffe Mix) 5:00
B2 Victim Of Love (Dub Mix) 3:29

You can still grab yourself a copy of the Vinyl 12 Inch for around £10 off Amazon here:

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Day 15 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 15.....

Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling (Extended Mix)

What a track this is, and in the extended format it sounds even better. It is rightly regarded as a classic 80s track, its fun, unusual and such an upbeat track. One thing about Blancmange, is they definitely had a unique sound in those days that no one has captured since, the rhythm section in the track is one of the best I have heard and who would have thought a sitar would produce the main melody hook in the song......brilliant!

The single is taken from their equally impressive debut album “Happy Families”. Before Blancmange hit the big time I was already a fan after hearing the beautiful and melancholic track “Sad Day”, which was featured on the Some Bizarre Album Compilation, that also featured other unknown bands at the time, including Depeche Mode, The The, and Soft Cell, who all went on to bigger and better things.

The 12 Inch Vinyl of “Living On The Ceiling” featured the customary extended version, on the A side, which had a running time of 5.37, whilst the B Side featured 2 BBC Radio session tracks,  “I Would” and “Running Thin”, the latter being a gem of a track.

It was released in October 1982 and reached number 7 in the UK Singles Chart.

When Blancmange performed the single on Top Of The Pops they had to change the line “Up The Bloody Tree” to “Up The Cuckoo Tree”, even back then the Beeb were very PC!!

Some years ago I actually recorded my own version of “Living On The Ceiling”!


A1 Living On The Ceiling (Extended Mix) 5:37
B1 I Would 4:02
B2 Running Thin 2:19

You will find the Extended Mix of “Living On The Ceiling” and both the B Sides on the recently issued deluxe 3 CD set of “Happy Families” that is available from Amazon here:

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Day 14 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 14.....

Talk Talk - It's My Life (12 Inch Remix)

If there was one band in the 80s that didn’t get the recognition they deserved, it is Talk Talk, their first 2 album’s “The Party’s Over” and “It’s My Life” are stunning, after that, they did lose their way and pretty much ditched their synthpop roots.

The track “It’s My Life” is without doubt my favourite Talk Talk track, although, “It’s So Serious” runs it close.

The single was released in January 1984 and this was another one that didn’t do well in the charts, it only reached number 46 in the UK charts. It fared better in America where it reached number 31 in the singles chart there and also reached number 1 in the U.S Hot Dance Club Play chart.

The 12 Inch Remix of “It’s My Life”, is again a classic 80s remix, the 7 inch expanded and it has a running time of just over 6 minutes. The B Side of the 12 inch featured the album track “Does Carloline Know?” and the 7 inch version of “It’s My Life”.

The single was re-released in 1990 to promote a new compilation “Natural History – The Very Best Of Talk Talk”, though no vinyl 12 Inch was released at that time, and deservedly reached number 13 in the UK Singles Chart.


A1 It's My Life (12" Remix) 6:16
B1 Does Caroline Know? 4:33
B2 It's My Life (7" Version) 3:50

The Extended Version of “It’s My Life” can be found on the Talk Talk compilation “Asides Besides”, which has pretty much every 12 inch single on it as well as associated B Sides. You will find it on Amazon here:

Promo Video Created For The Unisonlab Track "Stereolab"

Following the special video's created for the Metroland track "Man In A Frame" and the Datapop track "Unterwegs" I am delighted to be able to bring you another video I have made, this time, for the Unisonlab track "Stereolab".

Like with the previous video's, I created a "Radio Edit" of the song and it is that version that has been used in the promo video. The theme for the video is "Sound".

Unisonlab are an Electronic band, heavily influenced by a wide variety of synth, electronica, IDM and techno acts, including, of course, Kraftwerk.

They are signed to the Independent Electronic label Plonk.

The video was sent to Jorgen of Unisonlab who loved what I created, and I am delighted, with his permission, to present the Promo Video for the track.

Unisonlabs have various releases available on Bandcamp here:

Unisonlab Facebook page can be found here:

Find out more about Unisonlab and other artists signed to the Plonk Music Label by visiting their official homepage here:

My thanks to Jorgen Erixon of Unisonlab

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Day 13 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 13.....

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone 12 Inch Remix)

First I must say New Order’s “Blue Monday” would definitely be in my Top 30 Vinyl 12 Inch singles if I allowed more than one 12 inch from each artist, however, the Shep Pettibone 12 inch remix of “Bizarre Love Triangle” edges its way into my selection as it is a fabulous remix, it takes the track into completely new territory for new order, full on dance/pop, electronic perfection!

The single was released in November 1986 and unbelievably only made number 56 in The UK Singles Chart, why, I have no idea. It is widely regarded as one of New Order’s top 3 singles and a big fan favourite, especially live, when Bernard Sumner does his “Dad Dancing”!! which is now, a tradition, when they play that song live. Incidently it is this version that they play live.

The 12 Inch remix is nearly 7 minutes long and is backed on the B Side with a dub version of “Bizarre Love Triangle”, which runs for approximately 7 minutes.

I should also give a mention to the 12 inch versions of “True Faith”, “The Perfect Kiss” and “Touched By The Hand Of God”, as they too probably would have made the Top 30, all of them excellent, but I can only pick one!


A1 Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone 12 Inch Remix) 6:39
B1 Bizarre Dub Triangle 7:06

“Bizarre Love Triangle – Shep Pettibone 12 Inch Remix” is available on the 2CD Collector’s Edition of the album “Brotherhood”, well worth getting as it also includes the 12 inch of “True Faith” and “Touched By The Hand Of God”. It is available from Amazon here:

Monday, 12 March 2018

Day 12 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

 Day 12.....

Lime - Guilty (12 Inch Version)

Who are Lime? I hear you asking, well they were a Canadian Hi-Energy/Disco band that were around in the 1980s and very early 90s. I came across this band when I got to know a girl living down the road from me and she had this fantastic collection of imported Hi-Energy albums and she played me the album “Lime 3”, which featured 2 stunning tracks, “Guilty” and “Angel Eyes”. The next day I went to a small record shop in Manchester called “Spin Inn Records” who specialized in imported vinyl, and I was lucky enough to find the “Lime 3” album and a vinyl copy of the 12 inch of “Guilty”. To this day I still enjoy listening to the album.

They had no success with the single “Guilty” in the UK, which to this day baffles me, it is a great track and the 12 Inch Version is brilliant.

They released around 10 or so albums and over the years I have been lucky enough to find most of them on vinyl.

I’m sure people will be surprised with the inclusion of this jewel of a track, however, when you hear it, you will not be disappointed, it is infectious and a song you will be singing, trust me, hey you might even want to add some music by Lime to your collection.

The 12 inch version is over 7 minutes long and has a shorter instrumental on the B Side, it was released in 1983.


A1 Guilty (Extended Version) 7:35
B1 Guilty (Instrumental Version) 4:59

The 12 Inch version of “Guilty” can be found on the album “Lime 3”, it also includes the stunning “Angel Eyes” as well, however, on Amazon, it will cost you over £30:

Maximum 80s (Volume 57)

White Lion Radio have released Edition 57 of Maximum 80s.

This is a series of shows that feature nothing but the very best in 1980s 12 Inch Singles.

The biggest hits on the biggest format from a classic decade......the 1980s.

Listen On Mixcloud

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Track List

Talk Talk - My Foolish Friend (12 Inch Extended Version)
Queen - Friends Will Be Friends (Extended Version)
S' Express - Superfly Guy (12 Inch)
Erasure - Sometimes (Shiver Mix)
Genesis - Mama (Long Version)
Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Urban Mix)
Simple Minds - Sanctify Yourself (Extended Mix)
Nick Kamen - I Promised Myself (Independiente Mix)
Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands On Me (Extended Version)
Camouflage - The Great Commandment (Justin Strauss Remix)