Monday, 26 February 2018

i-Select #32

This is a series of shows dedicated to electronic/synthpop bands that are unsigned, signed to a small independent label or self release their material.

White Lion Radio prides itself on bringing you music which you don't always get access to and to showcase bands and artists that are really very talented and deserve to be heard.

These shows will feature bands from across the globe!

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Rename - Reciprocal
Psy'Aviah Ft Mari Kattman - Lost At Sea (Rool Remix)
Kevin Lux - Machine Beat
Empathy Test - Seeing Stars
The Frixion - Deceive A Believer
Softwave - On And On And On (Jerry's alternate version)
Kretz - Mechanical Men (Datapop Remix)
Zoon Politicon - New Conscience (Electro Groove Mix)
Vaylon - Seeds Of Pain
Kevin Lux - Inferno
Erotic Elk - Consequence Of Leaving (Oren Amram Synthesize Me Remix)
High Rise Finale - Loneliness
Metroland - F8 (Original Version)
Vogon Poetry - Children of Mine (DNTR Remix)
Maschine Brennt - 60 Seconds (Akamagoo Remix)
Infinitium - Words
Empathy Test - Trampoline
Kevin Lux - Tesla
Psy'Aviah Ft Ellia Bisker - Aftermath
Rename - Avalanche Of Fear

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