Sunday, 3 April 2016

Neon's Eurostar Remixes EP Reviewed

I have known Gary Wright (Neon) for a number of years through social media and am a massive fan of his work, whilst this is Neon's official first release, there is a long history and a wealth of Kraftwerk inspired tracks recorded, which will hopefully will form part of an album, it is long overdue and believe me there are some real gems.

I've always felt that "Eurostar" was one of Neon's best tracks and was surprised to see that the original was recorded as far back as 2007 and is included in this remix package. The original mix I regard as an updated version of Kraftwerk's "Trans Europe Express", a great rhythm track and superb sequencers, with vocoder vocal parts. The Zeropage remix has more of an ambient feel to it at the start before moving into dance territory, some nice electronic touches on this track and great use of the bass-line.

The Maschine Brent remix has a powerful rhythm section which is utilized really well, this stays pretty close to Neon's original version with bigger sounding synth parts. Really pleased to see Jonteknik provide a remix for this release, I have loved Jon's work for a number as well and he doesn't disappoint with his more minimal mix, it's trademark Jonteknik, so, if you love Jon's work you will love this mix.

The DATAPOP Remix is very impressive, it's been given quite a major re-work, it sounds big and the vocal aspects have been well used, probably my favourite mix.

The EP closes with Neon's own 2016 remix of the track, definitely a more of a Kraftwerk vibe with this new mix, I love the new rhythm parts he has created and the Kraftwerkesque sequence melodies, a perfect way to round off the EP.

A fantastic EP that will have Kraftwerk fans drooling, hopefully this is only the beginning of some more Neon releases, an album would be brilliant and would, without doubt, be well received.


The EP is available via Bandcamp: Neon - Eurostar The Remixes EP

Visit the Neon Facebook page: Neon Facebook Page

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  1. Thanks again Gary for these very kind words, much appreciated mate :-)