Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Metroland's "Brother EP's" Reviewed

Metroland release their 3rd single "Brother", from the album "Things Will Never Sound The Same Again" on August 3rd, a date that is special to the band as it is the first anniversary of the sudden death of their sound/mastering engineer Louis Zachert.

For this release the band made available the track stems so fans and other artists could remix the track. This has resulted in 2 5 track EP's.

Metroland provide the first remix of "Brother" and as you would expect it has a tight rhythm section as well as great sequenced bass-lines and melodies. Next we have the B Side "See You", a track that has really grown on me, a definite nod in the direction of Depeche Mode and has Marsheaux providing sampled vocals. It's a track that oozes energy, quite an uplifting track. The overall winner of the remix competition for this release was Axel Kleintjes and his remix of "Brother" starts with heavy drums and has a distinct harder industrial feel to it. Restriction 9's remix is both beautiful and melodic, I like his use of the main hook line in the track against a four to the floor rhythm section, has more of a pop feel and is definitely my favourite remix on EP1. The final remix on the first EP is the Sawtooth's Lush Wasteland Mix. It's another fantastic effort, a more domineering bass-line on this version, with some nice mecahnical drum effects and sounds.

And so on to EP2.....

This EP kicks off with another extended remix of the track by Metroland and it is well constructed and a true 80s style 12 inch mix, which I love. Cyborgdrive's remix gives the track an "Acid overhaul", brilliant use of lead and pad sounds as well on this mix, it has heavier rhythm patterns that work so well with the music. Next is the Diem+Redux+Remix, which sees a more minimal approach than the previous remix, it is atmospheric and again makes good use of the melodic parts of the song. People Theatre is a remix name I am very familiar with and he doesn't disappoint on this mix, as with a lot of his remixes the piano plays a big part, using piano on the lead melody is just perfect, brilliantly constructed sequencer parts against a very minimal drum section, definitely the best remix on this EP. Finally we have the Retroland Remix by Electrofachbetrieb, which is quite powerful sounding, especially with the rhythm section, there is  great use of choir sounds and a brilliant bass-line, all fusing together to make an excellent remix.

This is a wonderful way to close this paticular chapter in Metrolands history and a fitting way to complete their tribute to a good friend and colleague, Louis Zachert.


Buy/Listen to the standard EP here

Buy/Listen to the Remix EP here

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